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Amazing Dog Treats was founded on the idea that every dog was loyal, loving and caring without ever asking for anything in return. We wanted to provide a way to give back to the world’s most beloved companion the best way we could think of; With Amazing Dog Treats!

Some dogs are cops, others rescue their owners or strangers in snowy winters, and some give their hearts and therapeutic companionship without asking for anything in return. Some dogs are there just to remind us how much we love them. Dogs in simple are Amazing and our brand provides treats just as amazing as they are back to them.

Amazing Dog Treats About Us

Established by Sunrise Farms Pet Products LLC, the Amazing Dog Treats Brand is meant to embody the heart and spirit of our core value, our love for our dogs, and dogs in general. In this way we can reward them for providing us a timeless bond we can cherish and making sure as owners we keep our dogs safe, healthy and happy always!

Stay Amazing!