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December 23, 2020 3 min read

Which Cow Hooves are right for your pup? 

At Amazing Dog Treats, it is our mission to provide dogs worldwide with chews and treats that are natural and amazing as them!

Cow Hooves are an amazing dog treat that provide your pet with a tasty and nutritious combination. They come in different sizes, shapes, and flavors. Some of the most popular dog treats are the stuffed cow hooves, which provide your pet with a fantastic chewing experience alongside many health benefits. The different flavors of stuffed cow hooves include the Bully Stick stuffed hooves, Berry stuffed hooves, Veggie stuffed hooves, Peanut Butter stuffed hooves, and Acai stuffed hooves.


Natural Cow Hooves

Best Cow Hooves

The first on our extensive list of mouthwatering treats for your dog is our natural cow hoof selection. These long lasting dog chews can satisfy even the most explorative power chewer. Since they are not filled you can use a multitude of different options to peak your dogs interest such as filling with their favorite cheese, dog food, and more!

Bully Stick Stuffed Hooves

Bully Stick Cow Hooves

Bully stick stuffed hooves mainly contain beef, with traces of corn syrup solids, fructose, water, and salt. Most dogs find bully sticks irresistible as they offer a tasty flavor and smell they love. The unique flavor comes from slow roasting, which brings out the beef's natural flavor. Additionally, when your pet finishes the filling, it can still chew on the bone, which helps reduce boredom and stress.

Berry Stuffed Hooves

Blueberry Cranberry Beef Hooves for Dogs

The main ingredients in berry stuffed hooves are blueberries and cranberries. The hooves' center filling is highly digestible and full of flavor, providing your pet with a highly nutritious treat. The treat is full of vitamins, proteins, fat, and moisture, making it a complete nutritional package. Additionally, the components that occupy the filling are high in fiber, which helps your pet in the entire digestive process. The nutrients from blueberry stuffed hooves also help minimize muscle damage whenever your pet engages in strenuous exercise. 

Veggie Stuffed Hooves

Sweet Potato Carrot Cow Hooves For Dogs

Veggie stuffed hooves contain a blend of green veggies and beef. The combination gives your pet a nutritionally full treat that is low on fats and  calories, helping you dog stay healthy. The high fiber content keeps the dog's digestive system in check. There are vitamins to keep the pet's skin healthy and proteins to take care of any worn-out cells.

Acai Stuffed Hooves

Acai Filled Hooves For Dogs

Acai stuffed hooves are mainly comprised of components of acai berries. They are high in protein content and low in fat. They also have more nutritional value, providing calcium, which is essential to keep bones, heart, nerves, and muscles strong and healthy. When your pet feeds on Acai stuffed berries, it gets vitamin C and E, responsible for keeping its skin vibrant and healthy. Generally, your dog will be strong and healthy, with less risk of cardiovascular diseases and a robust immune system resulting from the antioxidants present in acai fruit.

Peanut Butter Stuffed Hooves

Peanut Butter Filled Hooves for Dogs


These cow hooves contain peanut butter, beef broth, corn syrup, sugar, chicken meal, and many other ingredients. The ingredients are all-natural, providing your dog with a healthy yet tasty treat. The peanut butter taste is a unique one and will keep your dog engaged for a better part of the day, reducing boredom and stress.


Stuffed cow hooves provide your dog with an all-natural nutritious treat that keeps it healthy, strong, and active. The dog can hardly resist any flavor. However, the best thing is to be cautious about taking away any small pieces of the hooves that may choke the pet. Also, ensure a sufficient water supply so that your pet drinks before, during, and after the chewing. They keep your dog safe from cardiovascular infections, digestive problems, aging, and skin problems.