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December 23, 2020 2 min read

You've probably seen rawhide dog chews at the pet store or online. You may have even bought some for you pup! But do you know what rawhide is and the potential dangers rawhide can pose to your dog? 

What Is rawhide, anyway?

It’s the inner layer of cow or horse hides that has been cleaned and stripped of hair. In order to remove the hair from this layer, the hide must be soaked in chemicals, primarily sodium sulfide. It’s as toxic as it sounds. It’s then washed and whitened with harsh chemicals, dried, and pressed into the treats you see in the stores (sometimes they add flavorings or coatings to make them appetizing for dogs). Other toxins, such as trace amounts of arsenic and formaldehyde have been detected in rawhide treats as well. Rawhide is classified neither as a human food nor pet food, so there are no regulations over its production.

Rawhides are meant to be long-lasting chews that break down into tiny, soft pieces over time. However, strong chewers are typically able to break off large chunks that can pose a major choking hazard or cause an intestinal blockage, and both are life-threatening events.


Alternatives to rawhide..

After learning what rawhide is, doesn't sound too appealing does it? You may be asking what else can you give your dog to prevent them chewing your favorite shoes. Well, luckily there are a number of alternative chews and treats that will last just as long as rawhide without any of the dangers rawhide possess. 

At Amazing Dog Treats, it is our mission to provide dogs with treats and chews that are simply Amazing.  We have an array of rawhide alternative treats that surely to make your dog happy!

A favorite of our pups are Bully Sticks!


Our Bully Sticks are a great rawhide alternative for rawhide treats, here's why!

Dog's love the taste, and the texture is ideal for safe chewing and dental cleaning. It softens as they chew, and can aid in removing bacteria that hide in the back of their mouth and at the gum line.

They are offered in different lengths, thicknesses, and shapes to suit each individual dogs chewing style. They are suitable for dogs of any size and are a great chew for the most aggressive chewers or even our older furry friends. 

Bully sticks are a great options for teething puppies as well. As they soften, they will massage the gums and help to work baby teeth out.


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