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5-6" Meaty Beef Marrow Bones (2 Count) - Best Bones for Dogs

<br><b>5-6" Meaty Beef Marrow Bones </b><br> <p>Amazing Dog Treats is here to make your dog “bow” and say “Wow! From all our MMM-AZING dog treats for them to choose! All our Beef Femur Bones for dogs are made from free range and environmentally friendly sourced, Grass Fed cattle from South America to ensure the best tasting All-Natural, Single Ingredient dog bones in the world.<p> <p>Marrow Bones for dogs are safer than rawhide without any use of chemicals such as those used in rawhide bones. They are intended for medium to large breeds and are great for even the most aggressive of power chewers. These thick meaty Marrow Bone dog chews allow dogs to use a variety of different bites and jaw motions to satiate their need to chew, and clean various parts of their mouth.<p> <br><b>AMAZING DOG TREATS</b><br> <br>Every Package is Paw Approved! <br> <br>Product: Marrow Bone<br> <br> <br>Country of Origin: Brazil<br> <br>Flavor: Beef<br> <br><b>Other Benefits:</b><br> <br>– Helps promote healthy teeth and gums<br> <br>– Amazing chew for all medium and larger breeds<br> <br>-No Added Chemicals, Preservatives, or Man-made Ingredients<br> <br>-Bones satiate dogs boredom and provide an all-natural meaty snack<br> <br><b>Feeding Instructions:</b><br> <p>When providing your beloved dog with Amazing Dog Chews & Treats’ all-natural dog chews for supplemental feeding make sure there is a bowl of water readily available, and close supervision is highly recommended as this is the safest way to ensure your pup is chewing our treats properly. Any bone fragments that may splinter please remove from your dogs mouth to ensure your pup is safe, and always watch your dog closely while chewing any real bone treats.<br><br> <b>Guidelines:</b><br> Give the bone after a meal. A less hungry dog is less likely to chew and swallow a bone quickly.<br><br> Do not give bones to a dog who has had restorative dental work. <br><br> Throw out gnawed-down bones.

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